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Virtually universal

The Torpedo Universal bullet (TUG®) can be used on all types of game. If you are standing face-to-face with a dangerous animal, like an 800 kg buffalo, you cannot compromise on your choice of bullet. Available in calibres of .30 and 9,3 mm, the TUG® is particularly suitable for heavy game.  

TUG - Verpackung und Geschoss

The design of the TUG® causes a slower mushrooming, and thus higher penetrating power. As with the TIG®, the copper/nickel-plated jacket provides optimal penetration and the utmost accuracy.  
The BRENNEKE TUG® also exhibits the tried-and-tested characteristics of sharp cutting edge (cut hair and blood on impact) and torpedo tail.

TUG Schnittzeichnung

Sold to authorized persons only.
Ballistic Data

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