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Rifle ammunition

The choice of the right bullet is of absolute importance if you want to hunt successfully.
Brenneke offers two different types of bullets. TIG® and TUG® are so-called binuclear partial fragmentation projectiles. With these bullets, the softer front core fragments in the body of the game while the harder rear core remains intact and often exits the body.
The TOG® bullet, on the other hand, is designed for maximum penetration and expansion. As such, it works through controlled mushrooming, retaining almost all of its original weight.

The lead-free TAG® bullet is a highly effective alternative to ordinary rifle bullets. It answers the demands of hunters for a devastatingly efficient projectile suitable for a wide range of game and distances.

All have superb accuracy and devastating performance. This assures fatal results, even with less-than-perfect shot placement, on large, heavy bodied game, and at longer ranges. This high reserve of performance allows Brenneke rifle bullets to be used universally on almost all types of game in the world.

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