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TIGŪ nature

The revolution: lead-free TIGŪnature

On the outside, the new Original Brenneke TIGŪ nature may look like our classic Torpedo Ideal Bullet (TIGŪ), but it has been reborn with a completely new lead-free inner core.

Two cores, made of same hardness, are covered by our tried-and-tested nickel-plated steel jacket Due to its innovative construction, the TIGŪ nature impacts a game animal in the same way as a conventional TIGŪ, but without lead. Our innovative new double core is made of tin, an ecologically friendly and food-safe metal. The new BRENNEKE TIGŪ nature gives the hunter all the advantages he is used to from our conventional TIGŪ - cut hair, blood on impact, exit wound, utmost accuracy and its renowned consistent performance. The TIGŪ nature is an excellent bullet for all-around hunting use.

It is ideal for hunting light- and medium-sized game. All hunters who field tested our new design were enthusiastic about its excellent precision, reliability and terminal ballistic performance. They also noted the absence of haematoma build-up.


Sold to authorized persons only.
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