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IDEAL – as the name says

The Torpedo Ideal bullet, known as TIG® by most hunters, is the ideal bullet for all light and moderately heavy types of game. In the calibre groups of 7 mm and 8 mm S, it is used successfully throughout the world on a daily basis. Whether on boar or roe deer at home, or on ibexes in Kazakhstan, the TIG® is an ideal all-around bullet.

The design of the TIG® causes a mushroom-like deformation of the rear core, along with a maximum release of energy facilitated by the copper/nickel-plated jacket. In addition, the jacket provides optimal penetration and the utmost precision. As with all Brenneke rifle bullets, the TIG® has the tried-and-tested characteristics of sharp cutting edge (cut hair and blood on impact) and torpedo tail.

TIG Schnittzeichnung

Sold to authorized persons only.
Ballistic Data

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