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A revolution in hunting technology

As a small boy, Wilhelm Brenneke (1865–1951) spent hours wandering through the meadows of his hometown of Hanover with a bow and arrow. His love of hunting was so great that, funded by his profession as a bookseller, he founded the Wilhelm Brenneke Gewehr- und Geschossfabrik in Leipzig one day after his 30th birthday. His passion was, above all, to develop highly accurate and immensely powerful hunting projectiles, as the munitions of his time were sadly underpowered and resulted in a great deal of wounded game.

In 1905, he introduced his Ideal bullet, from which he later developed the TIG® and TUG® bullets which are used throughout the world today. Along with the development of new bullets came his creation of powerful new cartridges as well: 7 x 64, 7 x 65R, 8 x 64S and 9.3 x 64, just a few of the more than 10 cartridges he invented. And, it wasn’t just in the field of rifle ammunition and projectiles that Wilhelm Brenneke set milestones. He also went down in history as the inventor of the modern slug.

Often imitated, never duplicated

Brenneke designs are often imitated due to their outstanding properties. However, as is usually the case, the quality of the imitations is never the same as the original. It is impossible to copy over 112 years of experience. This is why you should always be sure to use Original Brenneke ammunition.

BRENNEKE Inventions 

1895Company formation, two patents for safety triplet
1897Patenting of the alloy-jacketed bullet
1898Lead and semi-jacketed bullet- Triplet cartridge 8 x 72 R- 1st original BRENNEKE shotgun bullets
1905BRENNEKE Ideal bullet - Action for break-action rifle- Cartridge ejector
1908Sleeve 8 x 80, tapered
1910Slug with guide rings
1912High-power cartridge 8 x 64- Ideal bullet
1917 - 1927Cartridges and guns in 7 x 64/7 x 65 R- Torpedo Ideal bullet (TIG)
1927Introduction of the 9.3 x 64 calibre as a big game bullet
1930Big game bullet 9.3 x 65 R
1933Improvements to repeating rifle
1935Torpedo Universal bullet (TUG)
1938Improved choke- Maximum cartridge 8 x 66
1950Paradox choke
1974Improved slug
1985Plastic base for slugs
1992Gold slug for rifled barrels
2003Torpedo Optimal Bullet (TOG)
2007Torpedo Alternative Bullet (TAG/leadfree)
2009Torpedo Ideal
Bullet nature
(TIG nature/leadfree)
2010Torpedo Universal
Bullet nature
(TUG nature/leadfree)
2011Extra Deep Penetration Magnum 12/70 (EDP)

RubinSabot nature (leadfree)

BASIC Bullet

OpalMagnum 12/76

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